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“Foghorn” is laying

Its strange being happy when a chicken lays an egg, but yesterday we were in the backyard with Fudge (dog) on a lead, trying to get him to not find the chickens interesting (he was good, but I’m not about to let him off the lead!)… and we saw Foghorn (our brown chook) go into the chicken house and come back out a minute later, so I went to check, and found a nice warm brown egg.

So we have 3 chickens that lay brown eggs, and I think all 3 are laying – just taking it in turns, as we only get 1 a day if we’re lucky 😦  The brown and black chook is meant to lay dark brown eggs, and a couple of times we’ve got brown eggs with darker brown speckles, so I think they are hers.
Some chicken coop reconstruction is needed though.. Our bodgy effort is no longer containing the white chook….. she has had a taste of freedom and that’s it now… no cage for her. Each morning she’s out and when I go out she patiently waits at the gate to the coop to be let back in – later on, she’s out again *sigh*

I got her to eat from my hand today. The black chicken pecks, but I’m determined to try and get the others more friendly. She ate grain from my hand without pecking – it was nice actually. She wouldn’t let us pat her though. Maybe eventually.

They were all reasonably happy to be held before…. before we tried hand feeding them with muesli bar….


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