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Unfortunately my seeds from Diggers STILL aren’t here (paid for them 9 days ago, and they were supposedly in stock, and we’re in the same state). I called them yesterday and they offered no appology or reason for the delay, so I think next year I’ll get my seeds elsewhere….

So we’ve only got the 7 colour capsicum mix (to get my purple capsicums) , some butter beans and chilli in our sprouts at the moment… also a tray of beans, peas and tomatos which I’m planting in the chicken’s coop (under a mesh cage so they can eat the plant as it grows but not dig them up).

But today I noticed some emerging plant – YAY. You probably can’t see them, so I marked them )


On Monday I planted my upside down tomato plant. Yes…. upside down 🙂 The idea is you take a bucket and cut a small hole in the bottom. Gently put a tomato plant in there with root in the bucket and leaves out through the hole. Fill the bucket with soil and you can plant something in the top. Then hang. Hanging the tomato means it doesn’t get eaten by slugs, it doesn’t need staking and you can hang it somewhere to save space. So we have chives growing on top. .. and a black russian tomato hanging under.