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3 eggs today

Yes, that is cause for celebration… 2 browns and a white.  So looks like everyone but Punce (black and brown chook) laid an egg today.  That’s the second most we’ve ever got.  Once we got 4, so I think everyone laid that day… but its hard to tell because they all lay at different times.  If I check the eggs at lunch time, there is usually one.  If I check again at 5pm, there may be one more.  So if I checked eggs early the day before, the 4 egg next day could have been carried over from the previous day.

Since they keep escaping we’ve left them out the last couple of days…. they have completely ripped up vast sections of lawn…. destructive little critters!  Saturday we’re fencing them in more securely!  Free ranging once every few days is ok…. 3 days non stop and the yard looks horrible.


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