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Garden Pretties

These are some photos of my garden at the moment. We don’t have a fancy garden… just a few things here and there.

This is my favourite tree in the garden. No idea what it is. Beautiful pinky purple blossoms. It makes small berry type things just after it flowers, then it goes to green leaves.




See why I love it! So pretty! Then my Fuchia (was here when we bought the place, I prefer purple ones but this is still lovely)


This is my pond….. very full of algea at the moment… and no froggies 😦 But they say if you build it – they will come… so I live in hope. I’ve got white clouds (fish) in it… one of the few fish that can’t eat tadpoles…. but they don’t eat enough algea either. It also has a leak,which is why it’s half full (meant to be up to the beach areas)…. don’t know what we’re going to do about it to be honest…. There are colourful plants around it, but they have either died back or not floweing yet

This is all that remains of one of my favourite plants, not sure what it is, but the chickens love to kill it. It was a large bushy bush, now it’s a few vineish branches with nothing on them, and this bit. If I knew what it was, I’d buy another – it has really delicate mauve flowers, and the leaves are purpley red on the under side – a really pretty plant..


This what chickens do to a yard….. note that they don’t seem to like the leafy plant… and leave my Fuchia completely alone, but the bits of stick thing were once part of the above plant. They have completely scratched it out from under the leafy thing…. little buggers! They must know I love it.

And the last pic of pretties… The back plant has tiny purple flowers which you can’t really see in the pic, then some daisy things, and a “Heebee” or spelled differently… its got purple on it too 🙂


Then the food producing trees…. our first apricots!


Our cherry tree… stick…. I’m assured it will grow branches….


The lemon tree of perpetual fullness….. Seriously… since moving in here it’s always looked like this – all year round. Except one day in summer when it dropped every single lemon all on the one day… but they all grew back straight away, so it was all good. We throw away so many lemons…. I’ve started bagging them up and trying to give them away. Good thing I’m on my cleaning streak, as I use lemons to clean.

The styrofoam box was my worm farm…. and the chickens have seen to it that I shall not revive it – apparently nothing is as attractive to a chicken as polystyrene….they eat it. There once was a lid…. it’s been completely eaten, and you can see a hole they made (and the dirt spilling out). You can’t see they have nearly broken through in many places too. Silly birds.

The mandarine tree…. and our first mandarine
It was mum & dads, so its a couple of years old… but been in a pot. It’s been making mandarines for them for a while but only small. Hopefully in the ground it will make more decent ones. I do also have an orange tree, but it has no oranges on it at the moment, so I didn’t bother with a pic. Its taller than me, makes a few oranges but they are quite bitter and the tree is thorny.

My upside down tomato plant I mentioned before. Its ok…. they grow ok like that… see how it’s turned around to get the sun 🙂 The chives aren’t happy up there though… hopefully they will perk up. They are a few years old though – so if they don’t take to the transplanting well, I’ll replace them. You can see it’s next to a passionfruit. It’ll be moved to my fenced in vegie patch soon, so the birds can’t steal my tomatoes.


And an update on my vegies…. hopefully my seeds from diggers will be here today. So far only beans and peas have sprouted. Still waiting on the capsicums and chilli…. They have been moved to the top of my frog tank, so they get some more light.


And that’s it for my garden piccies.


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