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4 eggs!

This is the 3rd time we’ve had 4 eggs, and this time I know they are all from today because we got the eggs last night after dark…. so these were all from today.  Each is slightly different…. if you look carefully in the picture you can see.  The white is obvious… the back brown one has a sort of matt finish, the left front one has white speckles on one end, and the right front has brown speckles.  The white eggs are slightly larger and much heavier than the others, and have a larger yolk.  Now we’re getting plenty of eggs.  I’m so happy!  We’ve got a full 12 carton and a half full 6 carton in the fridge and I just made an 8 egg quiche!  How very decadent.  See we love eggs, but when buying we had to limit ourselves when buying free range ones, or feel guilty and buy cheaper caged ones, but now that we’re getting more eggs, we can have eggs for breakfast and not feel guilty about wasting eggs.  And its just really nice having the chickens…. you feed them and they give you a gift of food in return.  Its quite special when you think about it.



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