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Sprouts Part 2

Well the sprouties have gone mad…. I’ve never actually grown seeds inside and had them actually grow before you see… that’s why its a bit exciting.  I took an intermediate pic, but I’ll just give you the updated pic.  They have started venturing out into the world during the day and I think we’ll plant them this weekend.  So that’s beans, peas and tomatoes – for the chickens (going to plant them in a mesh box so they can eat some of the plant and not destroy it)…. though I’ll take a few for our garden too.

The seeds finally arrived from diggers, so I could plant the rest of the vegies.  Bastards have run out of the zucchini… despite the fact I checked it was in stock when I ordered.  So apparently it will be here in 2 weeks.  I’m not impressed at all.  Not impressed that it took 12 days for them to post something that was listed as in stock! (that’s not time in transit, that’s how long it took to pack my order and send it off)… and then to run out of something…..  I’ll not be buying from them again, that’s for sure.

So I’ve planted most of the seeds, I just need to get more seedling trays.  So far I’ve planted:  Spinach,  Leek, Purple Peas, Green Peas, Purple Beans, Butter Beans, Red Cabbage, Eggplant, Corn, Tomatoes.  Left to plant are Broccoli, 2 types of Strawberries, Spring Onions and Cherry Tomatoes..

I need to remember to buy beetroot…. mum had a tray full of seedlings but they died.   Can’t wait to get our little garden growing!


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