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Use for odd sox

I admit, I’m a complete slob, and I don’t care if my jeans haven’t been washed in a month (so long as I don’t smell or look obviously dirty – I’m good to go), I can wear undies with no elastic and holes in them (though obviously I prefer not to)….however I just cannot wear a pair of odd socks. And I’m fairly picky about it too….. Since I tend to wear the same type of sock (cotton ankle socks) years ago I decided to only buy the same sock… so they wouldn’t end up as a partnerless odd sock. But the problem is, I’m so damned picky they have to be an exact match… and each pair ends up slightly distinctive… one may have been worn with blue shoes and has a resulting slightly blue tint… one pair more worn than the others… they only match if they exactly match!

I even bought a pack of plastic sock thingies (you poke the sock into it, and it keeps your pair)…. but I never think to use them. I have a large odd sock box.

But I found some uses for odd socks.

The best I think is to make them into lavender bags by just tying a knot in the end, so that if you find its partner, you can use it again http://ourredhouse.blogspot.com/2007/06/taming-sock-monster.html or filling with rice and making into a hot/cold bag (cotton socks only).


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