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Uses for milk cartons

Talking about the 2-3lt plastic kind here.  I’ve always just recycled them, but on the http://www.aussieslivingsimply.com.au forum I’ve been getting some great ideas!  So I think I’ll start saving them from now on.  Tips I liked:

  • Scoops for pet food (we buy 20kilo bags of dog kibble and 30kg bags of chicken grains, so saves the coffee mug, small bucket or handfulls we currently use)
  • Poke small holes in the base and bury in the garden with just the neck poking up – fill with water for a deep watering – can work with any water bottle – probably best for softdrink ones without the handle.  If you put the lid back on they won’t fill with bugs and dirt.
  • Clean them out and use them to store bulk rice etc.  (The most brilliant idea I think, as the handle will make pouring it out easy!)
  • Cut in half and use as a funnel for engine oil
  • Fill with cat litter (or whatever) and use in the kitchen to pour off oil into (you know you shouldn’t pour oil down the sink right?)
  • Cut an opening out of one and put it on the clothes line as a peg bucket (poke a hole in to let the water run out)
  • Drawers – lay them on their narrow side so the handle becomes the drawer handle, and cut the top part out to make your drawer.
  • This dude makes them into gardens http://www.recycling.moonfruit.com

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