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My bathroom is clean ;)

I haven’t been sticking to my FLYlady program… because I’ve been battling a cold thing, and felt like crap.

After doing the kitchen sink thing, and getting that whole bench area spotless, I kept looking at it all day going “it looks like we’ve just moved in and haven’t unpacked” It was unnervingly naked. So I’ve decided that I like a lived in house…. and that includes having the sponge on the draining board, stuff like that. But I have been making the effort to take all the dishes and put them away (including the rack), and putting the dirty dishes in a crate thing on the draining board. I at least rinse them before they go in there, so washing is easier, and its more tidy than just sprawled on the bench/draining board.

The kitchen is still a mess… and we have a tray of sprouting vegies on the bench…. but that can be tackled another day. Though we have until the 12th to get the house spotless, for our daughter’s birthday party!

I then tackled the bathroom. Normally there is one of those plastic drawer things on the bench that holds my makeup – I went through that and threw out everything I don’t use. I’ll probably throw out more once my mineral makeup arrives. I have 5 mascaras…. I probably should throw 2 of them away since they are oldish…..I also have 3 eyeshadow compacts I am keeping for the sake of 1 colour in there (they each hold about 6-10 colours). I then cleaned out the cabinet, and made room for the makeup drawers to go in there. Cleared out a box of assorted stuff (I found 2 disposable pads and a box of tampons, as well as depilatory cream, fabric strips for waxing and a pack of razors [I vow never to shave/wax my legs or armpits again])…. and its all neat in there now. Then I wiped out the medicine cupboard part, threw away some things in there.

I have a box of shampoo, conditioner, lotion and a bunch of other things I don’t want because it’s commercial chemical stuff, but I don’t know who to offload it onto šŸ™‚

Then came the washing task….. I spent about 4 hours in there, scrubbing the bath (our dripping tap has made the bath stained and rough in that spot), and surrounding tiles, the bench tops and sink, around the taps…. and the shower! We often spray mould killer on the tiles in there, but the white grout is stained a slight pinkish colour šŸ˜¦ but other than that, the shower is not bad – except around the sliding glass shower doors…… it was filthy there. I’d occasionally sprayed some cleaner in there and hoped it would all wash away – but no. So this time I got in there and scrubbed.

And I did it all with vinegar and baking soda! No nasty chemicals.

I even bought a new bathmat, and some glass jars with blue lids to go on the counter to hold cotton balls and cotton buds – because I can’t have a naked bench.

But I did get disappointed, now everything is sparkling clean I noticed that our sink is actually chipped in lots of places (when scrubbing didn’t move the specks I realised they were chips not grot), and the bath has several chips too. So my bathroom isn’t as sparkly new looking as you see on TV after they get in there cleaning šŸ˜¦

And our old bath mat had a rubbery backing to non-slip….. which kinda crystalised and stuck to the floor… and when hubby went to lift it to wash the bath mat last, it stuck to the tiles, and pulled them up. So we have a patch about a foot square with no tiles (until we stick them back in, but some broke), and the crystalised rubber stuff stuck to the tiles, and my replacement bath mat is smaller than the old one, and shows the yucky rubber bits stuck to the tiles…. so I have to keep the old one there with the new one on top. Ā  I also bought a mesh dirty clothes basket, to avoid having clothes strewn about… which tucks neatly between the bath and the cabinet… So a bit disappointing, but I am enjoying a nice clean bathroom… and it is amazing how much cleaner it looks without crap all over the bench… or shampoo bottles on the bath etc.

Then came the foyer. Its our “hotspot” as we tend to walk in the door and just drop stuff. So I allowed myself to get distracted and I cleaned out the linen cupboard that is there… and managed to get a whole shelf free – which leaves room for hubby to put his work backpack there, rather than just dropping it in the foyer. We bought a shoe rack to house the shoes that get flung everywhere (we don’t have a shoes off house, but we don’t bother with shoes when at home). So that area got cleaned up… including the balloon tree thing celebrating my 30th birthday, which was in April… that was sitting on the table there. That table is a real hot spot… bills and things get put on there and it never gets dusted (is meant to hold some flowers and a candle holder). So…. foyer now clean!

Then… surprise surprise, I tackled the hallway…. a box of clothes to give away – that had been sitting there for about a year, were finally moved… and then not long after, heard the vacuum cleaner…. hubby was vacuuming! when I went down the next, the vacuum (that had also been sitting in the hallway for about a year) was gone, and the hallway was spotless and a lot less crunchy underfoot…. you don’t realise how much different vacuuming can make on a seemingly ok floor… Now we have probably vacuumed more recently than a year ago, but after I said the vacuum was not to stay in the loungeroom (where it was living), it got put in the hallway and never moved elsewhere. Now it’s been rehomed to the linen cupboard I cleaned out.

The toilet never really gets out of control, since there isn’t much you can do to clutter and grot up a toilet (since I do actually clean the actual toilet regularly)… so a quick spruce up in there and I consider that cleaned. Just need to hang the picture that we took down when we moved the cupboard in there (yes, we put a cupboard in our toilet, since the toilet is a large room for a toilet… you can sit on the loo and stretch both arms out and only just touch the walls – so we put a slim cupboard in the re for storing towels and things)
So we have a clean bathroom, toilet, hallway, foyer….. just have the 2 bedrooms, kitchen and lounge to go.


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