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The front porch is clear!

I tell you what – the nagging flylady e-mails get a big much…. I’ve been going through them about once a week (since they are also from the northern hemisphere, so not always relevant for the time of day they arrive).  and the ones I was reading were talking about the front porch zone…. so that’s what I tackled next.

So, while I felt like absolute crap on Saturday, I did get out there and clean off the front porch.  A bucket full of assorted garbage I swept up.  But it looks all clean now – and  even de-cobwebbed!

Then the rest of the weekend was spent in bed with a fever… but I’m on antibiotics for my tonsillitis now, and feeling so much better today.  So much so that I actually cooked up a brew of pet food, and a ton of mini quiches for my daughter’s b’day party.

Hallway (a hot spot) has sort of remained clear.  There are some bags in there of stuff to take to the drop box (charity bin thing) or to mum and dad’s – but otherwise it’s clean… bathroom is clean…. all I need to clean now is the carport (for the party), kitchen/family room area (the 15mins clean should spruce that up) and the loungeroom (leaving that last, as it’s not going to be fun)


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