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We have a vegie patch!

Well… slowly!

The seedlings have taken forever to grow up enough to go outside.  But we had a planting on Saturday, and everything is out now (a few were a little bit young).  Ohh, the parsley and carrots aren’t out yet, but I think I’ll forget about the carrots and the parsley is growing in some toilet rolls and will go outside later.

So we now have a vegie patch, rather than a bean and pea patch 🙂

I discovered 2 useful (I think) vegie planting ideas…. firstly is instead of buying the peat pots I planned to (where you get a disc that expands into a pot thing and you plant the seed in and it becomes the pot and soil, so you just plant it int he ground when ready)… taking a toilet roll and folding the bottom up to make a pot, and filling it with soil (or seedling raiser mix), and planting the seeds in there, means you can plant those directly into the ground, and the toilet rolls will break down as the plant grows.  The other is that when you plant seedlings in the ground, if you cut the bottom of a plastic drinking cup off, and put that upside down over the seedling(packing a bit of dirt around them so they don’t blow away), it protects it from wind, and when you water them, you can half fill the cup and the water goes just where its needed,  not wasting it on the bare earth around it.  Also you can find them better, and write on the cups what the seedlings are!  I took a crap video of watering some broccoli seedlings in these.  I guess paper cups would be a more eco friendly version, not sure how well they would handle prolonged exposure though.

video of watering

Now we have the pics:

In the hanging pots I have strawberries (bush strawberries and normal ones) and basil with a tomato hanging from the underside (upside down tomatoes) of 2 of them.  You can see the butter beans and corn infront of it.  They have been out there for a while.  I stupidly forgot to grow the corn first, to give the beans something to climb.  Next year!  Also some parsley self seeded itself into the vegie patch some how (I had it in a different area of the garden last year…)

These are our Purple beans, Purple peas, Pink (berlotti) beans and Green snap peas… and infront of them are eggplant and capsicum.  I wanted only purple capsicum (since I hate them), but I could only buy them as a mixed thing of 7 varieties, so I’m hoping in the 14 or so seedlings I planted, at least one will be purple.

My upside down black russian tomato is going well.  (Chives in the top, not liking it quite as much).  The upside down coke bottle allows me to fill it with water and it slowly seeps in, so the water doesn’t pour straight out through the hole the tomato pokes through.

My broccoli plants being protected by their plastic cup surrounds.  I also have purple cabbage, leeks and beetroots that are a similar level of boring seedling, so I didn’t bother taking pics of those.

Tomatoes in a pot.  Most of them are cherry tomatoes, a couple of normal ones. Probably not enough spacing, but we’ll see how they go.  These are spares – I planted too many seeds!  basil in the centre.

Spring onions, I think that’s a tomato in the centre

Capsicum and basil in the smaller pot.  (3 types of basil – just so I could get purple)


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