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My garden now

Lots of things have died unfortunately… I put my strawberry seedlings out too early and they died…. some of the broccoli, spinach and leeks died…. some egg plants (got only one or two plants left now), and some basil 😦 and most of my green peas, berlotti beans and butter beans.

But I have lots of things happily growing. I finally got around to making the paths in the vegie garden… I put down plastic bags, then pavers and covered it in stones. I need another bag of stones though… and got some eucalyptus mulch.


Mmmmm Apricots! Pity the bloody birds keep eating them! need to mesh them out I think.


Cabbages (purple obviously) and broccoli (boring green)


Bugs on my cabbage! Only one is affected. Not sure what they are, they aren’t aphids. I can give them a spray with neem oil, but I’d like to know what they are first, maybe I can feed them to the pet frogs.


Speaking of garden pests – made myself a slug killer…. since they keep going after my cabbages and broccoli. A milk carton with a doorway on each side, with beer!


Here is another slug catcher – caught 4 sluggies


Pink beans (berlotti)… should be just about ready to pick.


My purple beans are finally growing


The purple peas are going crazy!


So pretty!

Tomatoes (one has spring onions around it)


Chomped on basil and capsicum – and my slug catcher…garden1_17-12-07.jpg

as you can see, the corn is growing nicely… the butter beans between them not so well, and a pot (will one day be hung up) of oregano.



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