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I’ve taken a pic of my recent fabric dying efforts…. using natural dyes on a certified organic cotton.
The Turmeric yellow is FANTASTIC, but soooooo not light-fast it’s not funny (a few hours in the sun and it’s faded). Interesting to see how wash-fast it is. The plus is that it’s completely non-toxic, so just chuck a few tablespoons turmeric, some water and the fabric in a cooking pot – boil away and it’s yellow.

The purple is Alkanet, which is mordanted (with alum). Took 2 dyes to get to this colour. I wonder if I dye again if it will get darker purple. Not sure. I also don’t know if you mordant once or between dyes again.

The orange is Anatto seed…. the darker bits are because I had the actual seeds mixing around with the fabric, and they left darker stains…. I love the colour… that’s unmordanted, so it will be interesting to see how wash-fast it is too.

The beige one is henna. I was dissapointed at how boring it ended up… not the reddish brown I was hoping for, but it’s a really nice coffee colour I think, so still better than natural unbleached cotton.



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