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Organic Cotton yarns!

I finally on Friday got my organic cotton yarn in!

Colour grown cottons, in green, cream, sage, latte and brown.  Apparently it also comes in mauve, but the store didn’t list that, I’ll have to chase it up.  Its so soft.  If I was rich I’d want lots of stuff knit in it!

I’m intending to knit up some pad products with them (interlabial pads) – that’s what I’ve knit below… the stocking stitch makes them roll up nicely (tried just plain for the cream one, and it’s not rolling…. might be a face cloth instead LOL)


With my arthritis (in my hands), and being a novice knitter, it’s taking a while.  The first one I tried on the smallest needles I had… figuring the tighter the better, but it took forever, so I did the next one on bigger needles.  I’ll see how much liquid they each hold….

I’m also planning to have a go at knitting a pad for myself…. yes… a knitted pad. Just for fun. I have some lovely colourful wool (cleckheaton tapestry) I’d like to use, but wool might be scratchy, so I thought maybe the nice soft cotton top and maybe the wool on the back. I’ve been looking for patterns or guides online on how to do it, and I’ve just found that there is a knitting community where it’s being discussed – YAY, just have to wait to be invited in (hopefully).


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