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Eco Footprint

I finally found a fairer calculator. I’ve yet to find one that is sufficiently detailed….

We use so little water in our household it’s sure to make an impact. We don’t water the garden with drinking water – only grey water…. have short showers (and less frequent), wash clothes less, are water conscious (flushing only when really needed, collecting water to use on garden while taps are heating up, water saving setting on washing machine etc.). And we compost/recycle/feed to the chickens most of our rubbish, so produce little waste…. From what I can tell, we use less power and gas than the average home too. We do however need to switch to green energy…. I’m pestering hubby about it…he’s not as environmentally caring as I am though. Most of our eco-footprint goes on food, because we eat a lot of meat and dairy. I had to answer that we eat meat/dairy for every meal because we either have cheese, milk or meat in every meal (or with every meal)… if you think of cereal for brekky (milk), cheese and salad sandwich for lunch (cheese), something with meat or cheese in for dinner…. it’s every meal. But we do have chickens for our own eggs.

So, according to This Calculator (the flash one is more detailed) this is our results:


3.7 global hectares / 2 Earths (6.7 tons C02)
The average for someone in our state is 8.1 hectares/4 Earths. So we’re doing pretty damned good!

According to Here, a tree offsets .33 tons C02…. So we would need 20.3 trees per year to be carbon neutral. hmm…..


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