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The wrap strap!

In an effort to have something interesting for lunches rather than sandwiches (and trying to cut back on bread), we had mountain bread wraps the other day (that really thin bread stiff, like a tortilla)…they were quite nice -some cooked brown rice, grated carrot and chopped cucumber, The wee one had ham, tomato and snowpea sprouts, I had tuna and some hummus.

Anyway, she couldn’t hold it together, so I wrapped some baking paper around it, but she couldn’t fold it down as she ate down, so that wouldn’t be a working idea for Kinder lunch…. so then I thought about making bands to go around it – since I get heaps of coated paper strips off the envelopes I use, I put one of those around and stickytaped it closed, Figuring that would be easy for her to slide off… no, the kinder teachers had to help her. Probably because as I found out today, the paper goes a bit soggy and doesn’t slide as easy as it does when first put on (though it does make ripping the paper off very easy)

So then I thought perhaps I could make a PUL strap with velcro on it, that I could reuse and she could easily undo to take it off. brilliant!

So I happened to have some PUL scraps someone sent me in a nice bright kiddy pattern, and some thin velcro that a friend unpicked off some nappies and I had to keep because throwing it out seemed wasteful…. and here is the result! and nicely made from all reused stuff – yay!



(now to make a bag/wrapping thing to wrap it up to go in her lunchbox.)

I can hear my best friend saying“that’s exactly what McGyver would do if he had a wee one who couldn’t keep her mountain bread wrap together”. Indeed I think he would (if he also happened to have PUL, velcro and a sewing machine)…. though I was pretty impressed with myself over the envelope paper band, shame it wasn’t as removable as planned. Still it gave it another use before being thrown away, so that’s always good. Though it does pose the question if how safe the envelope paper or PUL for that matter is to be in contact with food…. but while I love a good “that’ll give you cancer” story as much as the next paranoid person… I do think that sometimes you just have to live in blissful ignorance on some things.

Ohh… someone just told me that you can buy direct, cheaper and free delivery http://mountainbread.com.au  and you can use it instead of pastry… how cool (and hopefully better for you).  Nifty.  and an extra bonus is that it’s flatter than pastry so won’t take up as much space in the freezer. looks like this will be my new addiction!


5 thoughts on “The wrap strap!

  1. Well it IS exactly what MacGyver would do if he had a wee one (hehe…wee…) who couldn’t hold her mountain bread wrap together!

    Except he’d probably somehow foil a Russian plot or smuggling ring or something with it, as well.

    Then again, she’s a smart little cookie so perhaps she might do that too, given time.

  2. Hahahaha

    Yes, but he’d probably also have a fine young lady with 80s teased hair and tafeta drop-waisted dress to make him the wrap sandwich 😉 who would need to at some point be saved by him.

  3. Hehehehehe, yes! And to start off with, she’d be all dowdy and librarian-ish, then she’d take off her heavy glasses and undo a button on her blouse (and perhaps slip into that SEXY drop-waisted dress you mention) and be utterly ravishing.

    Which – as you may know! – did in fact occur in one episode!! (except for the taffeta dress part, which now that I think of it is a disappointing oversight).

    MacGyver was stuck in a stable or something, with the dowdy librarian type, and some baddies had walked in. Of course, when she took off her glasses and unbuttoned her blouse (oh, and let her ponytail out), she was so stunning that she distracted the baddies until MacGyver could escape. Or something.

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