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I haven’t participated in the other ones, but I thought I’d give it a go this year. I’m a sponsor, so I can’t do it properly – just for fun. I can’t be bothered looking in some of the bigger sites 🙂 but here’s the list so I can clicky and hunt if I want to.

Boy… I’ve only done a couple and I’m probably not going to do many more…. I don’t have heaps of time to traipse all over the sites looking in every possible location for something…. so I’m only going to do ones with clues or very small sites. All I can say is the one I’ve done is quite out there and blatant compared to some of the sneaky hidings I’ve seen! 🙂 And everyone is lucky that I’d feel guilty hiding it more than I have 🙂

Australian Nappy Network – couldn’t find it
Cherub’s Kiss
Darlings Downunder
Outrageous!FOUND! (thank god!)
Sunshine Tots

All You Need
Baby Blossom
Baby Cuddles
Baby Delight
Baby Safari
Baby Soft Landing
Bear Hug Baby
Behind the Web Ltd&
Belly Bumps to Baby Hugs *
Berry Baby *
Best for Baby *
Beyond Belly *
Bits for Bots *
Breastmates Specialty Breastfeeding Store
Brindabella Baby *
Bubbalooee *
Bubblebubs *
Bubs In Cloth *
Bumbles *
Bumpy Buns
Busy Behinds Ltd *
Caterpillar Cuties *
Catnaps *
Cheeky Tots *
Chickadee Baby Slings *
Clever Charts *
Cloth Pad Shop
Cotton Bottom *
Craft Alley Designs *
Cuddles n Cloth *
Cushie Tushies *
Cute Tooshies *
Eco Bambino *
Elocin Boutique *
Fairy Fabrics *
FancyPantz Modern Cloth Nappies *
Fiona kate
girly bits *found (sneaky sneaky)
Gossamer Dreams
Green Bums *
Green Kids *
Haute Baby Products *
Imaginart *
Innovative Baby Products *
Jungle Mama Ltd *
Kathryn Shaw *
La Toriana *
Liddy Joe’s
Little Buttons
Lotus Nappies *
Lou-Lou Nappies
Mandy Mac *
Mini Cuteture *
Mother’s Instinct Ltd *
Nappies Covered
Nappy Works *
Nappylicious *
Natural Woman *
Nic Naps *
Noonee Wilga *
Nurture Nappies *
Oz Baby Trends
Oz Cloth Nappies
Patch Nappies *
Pookey Pockets *
Popit Modern Cloth Nappies *
Possum Pouches
Razzily Rhino *
Rose Ella Clothing *found
SabreRose *
Scamps New Zealand Ltd *found
Scarecrow Farm *
Silly Gilly *found
Snaps Australia
Snazzipants *found
Snuggle Pants *found
Sparkling Dragon Designsfound
Sugar Shots! *
Sustainable Hemp Products *found
the itti bitti nappy co *found (that was a good hunt, thank you)
The Super Monkey Shopfound (that was a cute and fun hunt)
The WeeWuns *found
Totally Mums and Bubs *found (that was a good hunt, thank you)
Tribal Babyfound
Tummy Time Maternity & Kids *found (that was a good hunt, thank you)
Tweedle Limited *found couldn’t find the second clue, but found the icon
Twinkle Lily *found (another VERY sneaky one)
Waggle-Wee Kids *found
WAHM Naps– site burns my eyes, can’t hunt there
Wahmtastic *found
Wild Child Nappies– no mini hunt, so too hard to look for
Woddle Bots *found
Wombots & Celtic Cloths Australia *found
Wonderfully Made *found (that was a good fun hunt, thank you)
Wrigglebots *found (that was a good fun hunt, thank you)


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