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The Tattoo part 1

I just called mum to ask if she would look after my daughter tomorrow night.  I was going to try and avoid telling her why, but I couldn’t.  The reason why – I’m getting a tattoo.

*insert massive gasp of breath from mum and a few moments silence*  I believe she was suitable horrified.  Mind you, hubby was horrified too, and had a somewhat similar reaction, but has settled somewhat to a “well I don’t like it” and is willing coming with me to get it done…

Might I add here that my sister (younger) has 3 (I think) tattoos….

So I get the “what about when you’re 80 and still have a tattoo“… (I promised not to ring her up to complain to her) and the “what if you go for a job interview for a bank manager” type arguments (like that’s highly likely even without a tattoo) and hubby’s one…..”well *I* don’t like it” … but we’ve chatted about it, and while she doesn’t like it, she knows I’m old enough to make my own decisions and that I’m sensible enough not to have a pumpkin tattooed on my forehead or something 🙂

Mum -” I hope it will be somewhere where your grandmother won’t see“….

me – “umm……

Mum (even more shocked) -“so it’s somewhere you can see?

me – “Well there is no point getting one if its somewhere people can’t see

🙂  I actually had only a brief call and then thought I’d better call back to check she wasn’t sitting there all shocked and horrified, but she was fine.  Resigned to the fact I was doing it anyway.  So I told her the guy who is doing it is booked 4 months in advance (which is true) – I got squeezed in because mine is small, so I only had to wait 3 weeks…. so that’s a good sign (busy=good), and he was recommended by a friend, so I’m hoping it will be a good job.

So… baby sitting all lined up… just have to wait another 24.5 hours LOL.


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