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The Tattoo part 2

Its done, yay!

When we got there, the guy I’d booked with wasn’t there…. so they called him (or tried to), and couldn’t get him. Another guy there said he could do it, and I wasn’t sure what to do – The guy I’d booked with was recommended to me by a friend…. that’s why I chose him….but I didn’t know this other guy.. and I didn’t feel right asking to see examples of his work or anything, and I didn’t feel like going away and coming back another time… so I figured I’d take the chance, since this guy seemed nice and one of those types you feel comfortable around. He actually reminded me a bit of a friends husband. And we’d already discussed the design while the other guy was trying to call my appointment guy… so we’d gone over what type of purple I wanted, and if I wanted the outlines in a dark grey for a more subtle effect or in black.

So I had to wait while he got set up, which gave me a chance to watch the other 2 people being done… which helped make it less scary (though to begin with I was horrified at how much the lady was bleeding, until I realised it was the red ink, not blood.)Ā  I’d always assumed a tattoo worked like a biro – with the ink inside and injected in basically… but it seems not…. I couldn’t watch mine (I was lying down for a start, so couldn’t really see), but from what I could tell of the other woman’s one, there were pots of colour and lots of left over colour on the skin, so I’m assuming it’s like an old fashioned nib pen, and they dip it in the ink, then basically poke it into the skin.

Seeing them calm and having the tattooists chatting and joking helped relax me a bit. I’d also armed myself with chewing gum to give me something to think about šŸ™‚

(You should see me when I need a blood test or something – I’m just about as bad)

So…. the tattooing begins!

I was worried I’d flinch and end up with a line down my arm hahaha but I was surprised at how little it hurt. I wasn’t sure how I could handle it…. since I consider myself a wuss…. It kinda felt like when you’re digging around trying to take out a splinter…. or like waxing… a burny type hurt…..not exactly pleasant, but not badly painful. Mind you, I had taken 2 precautionary nurofen beforehand šŸ™‚ and I can see how it would be painful on other parts of the body – which is why I picked my arm, since I figured I could handle pain there better than on my lower leg/ankle area (which was the other place I was contemplating). I also chose my arm because I want to be able to appreciate it, and that’s easier to do when it’s on my arm… and indeed I do appreciate it. I look at it all the time going “wow, how pretty” hard to think that it will be there forever and soon I won’t even have to worry being careful with it (not like a henna tattoo where you have to make sure it’s not rubbing on anything or getting washed much)
So when he did the first bit it was like “Ahh, that’s not so bad, like an injection – but longer”, so I could relax then, coz knew it wasn’t going to be as bad as I’d been setting myself up for. Relief! this tattooing thing isn’t as bad as expected.

Hubby however wasn’t particularly good with it šŸ™‚ he looked a little “troubled” shall we say (not exactly about to faint, but kinda along those lines).. and it wasn’t like I was wincing or crying or gushing blood or anything, I was reassuring him I was fine. We were chatting about boring stuff parents of a small child just started kinder talk about šŸ™‚ he even had the kinder’s newsletter to look through. Towards the end I suggested he go for a walk outside because I think he would have fainted otherwise. I told him it was payback for me having to be with him when he had stitches in his head from an ice skating accident. (I’m squemish about things that pierce the skin – I can’t watch or think about it…. yes, I know that sounds odd coming from someone who has voluntarily gotten her nose pierced, 5 ear piercings and a tattoo)

Hubby needed a few hours to get over the ordeal LOL but I found it alright šŸ™‚

Now, the pics!


This was 4 hours after it was done…. nevermind the arm hair – I’m a yeti


This is 3 days later.


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