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Mabon Chocolates

For a Pagan get together I went to last night, I made some chocolates…. in an Autumn theme.  If you look closely the leaves are in brown, light brown (milk and white choc mix), orangeish brown (added orange chocolate colouring) and green (green choc colouring).  I was quite pleased with them.

First tray – plain choc leaves, pecan & chocolate Goddess symbol and 4 caramel and peacan filled chocs 🙂


Tray #2, Goddess bars and realistic chocolate leaves (made by painting chocolate onto actual leaves then peeling the leaf away once the chocolate has set)


Tray #3 lots of plain choc leaves and a plain choc pentacle


Yes….. I like making chocolates.  Funnily enough, I didn’t even sample any…. I’m more into making them than eating them


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