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Ohh… I’m inspired by the world of bento. What’s that you ask….basically its making special funky looking lunches…


Visual Inspiration:

(bowser bento!)

Some ideas I’ve got so far….
* Small apple – cut it to make it look like a creature
* Use craft (scrapbooking) punches to cut out nori sheets for interesting designs, store precuts in ziplock bag or container with a sachet of the moisture absorbing crystals.
* Soak rice paper in coloured water and then use as nori sheets for coloured sushi or cut designs as above
* Use metal piping bag ends as small cutters (for eyes etc.)
* Dress up a salad/fried rice with scattering of hearts/stars etc.
* Cut larger shape (eg heart) from one food and cut a smaller one from the centre, then switch… eg have a carrot heart with cucumber centre. Looks good with star/flower cut from slice of cucumber with the skin on.
* Use decorative pasta shapes
* Coloured eggs in egg moulds for fun effects
* Peel carrot slices and roll them into a decorative scroll
* Cut nori into eyes and mouth to make creatures from anything
* colour eggwhite to cut shapes from (presumably cook it flat, like pour into a flat container and put that in a pot of boiling water?)
* Pea pods/beans make good grass/leaves
* Black sesame seeds look cool, and can be used for nostrils and other details.
* Make mottled coloured rice by putting rice in the rice cooker and drop food colouring in, then be careful not to disrupt it too much when adding water, cook without stirring…. the rice should cook with light and dark patches, or you can blend colours.
* Mix and match colours – like a pair of mushrooms made with cheese stalks and a cap of ham on one and egg yolk sheet on the other, with contrasting spots.
* Toothpick/skewer with peas and corn, or beans threaded on
* halved cherry tomato with nori spots makes a ladybird
* Make a fish by cutting the shape and using circles of cheese/ham/something as scales
* Octodogs (wonder if they work with kabana?)
* Easy frogs – green rice sushi with cut green olives for eyes
* Silicone flan cases/patty pans for reusable food dividers
* Corn kernels with pea centre makes a decent daisy!
* Skewer/toothpick of the same shape cut vegies but in different colours – eg carrot, cucumber, capsicum
* Make samosas or other pastry items and cut the airholes in a face (eyes and mouth)
* Swirl cutouts can make zany eyes
* Cook quiche/frittata in metal patty pans
* freeze riceballs and other things in premade portions
* Mini corn cobbs…


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