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Bento supplies

Gah, dare I say it, but I’m getting almost bento’ed out….. spent soooooooo many hours seaching the net for pics of bento for inspiration.

Anyway…. a list of things I want to get.

* toothpicks – preferably cute ones
* More cookie cutters…. including tiny ones (perhaps look at cake decorating shops?)
* More craft punches, particularly small hearts, stars and a smiling face of some kind, like these
* Metal patty pans to give the quiche a go
* Black sesame seeds

Stuff I’ve got:
* Some sticks to make balloons (on order)
* Egg moulds (on order)
* Silicone patty pan/flan cases
* Heaps of little fish soy sauce bottles (coz I hoard stuff)


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