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I’ve been getting into making Bento lunches for my daughter for kinder… here are some of the ones I’ve made.

cucumber slices on the top/bottom edges, then flowers cut from carrot (orange), capsicum (red) and beetroot (deep red – which I patted dry with paper towels)… the beetroot flowers with stems (cucumber peel) are on cheese stars because I’d cut them before actually planning what I’d do, and didn’t know what else to use them for… The heart in the centre is capsicum, and the dark things are purple rice balls (purple rice [yes there is such a thing!] seasoned with a bit of mixed herbs and salt, formed into balls)… and there are some pasta T-rex shapes… since I cooked up some of that before planning what I’d do and also didn’t know what do do when them, ditto with the peas, which I had planned to thread into toothpicks in a corn, pea, corn pea configuration but couldn’t find the toothpicks, and couldn’t neatly cut down a skewer… so I popped a few peas in for gap filling purposes. All that on buttered wholemeal bread.

Another miserable excuse for a bento, but I didn’t go shopping as planned, so was working with what we had in the house. She was happy at the thought of sushi for lunch though, so that’s the main thing. It is tuna sushi (with some beetroot offcuts from the flower making in there) topped with a cheese flower with a nori (seaweed) flower cutout… with a flan case of cheese and some cut up cracker, mini corn, carrot slices and sultanas. Bread stars to fill the gaps. There are cucumber “lids” to keep everything from moving about.

Ham sandwich stars, cheese teddy bears, carrot slices, watermelon pieces and cherry tomatoes.

Apple bird in an alfalfa nest, cherry tomatoes, peas in the pod, carrot stars and cheese hearts.  And a closeup of the bento bird…. it even has a pea pod eye 🙂  Not the most stunning piece of sculpture, but not too shabby for something done quickly… and with no planning (cut by hand, not with a cutter)



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