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Australia Day Cupcakes

I was feeling in the spirit of things, so I couldn’t just take plain cupcakes to an Australia Day BBQ… no…no…no!


Lemon cupcakes with lemon icing…. 2 colours… green and gold!!! (ok, more a “mint” and “lemon”…subtle colours, as I know some people don’t like bright coloured food)

I’d been dying to test out 2 colour icing for a while…. you just put one colour on one side of the bag, and the other colour on the other side. Its not as easy as it sounds though, as once you put one lot in, the bag wants to stick together, but I got the 2 colour effect I was after, so I was pleased.


The cake itself was marbelled green and gold… though this cake wasn’t a good example of the marbelling as it turns out.


I’m still a piping novice, and I was literally doing these before running out the door (already an hour late!)… so they are a bit rushed and not as neat as they could be.


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