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Me = Belly Dancer

We have a friend who throws these fairly elaborate costume parties each year, and this year’s theme was dancing (so you had to come dressed in something related to dancing)… and unfortunately it was also on the same night as a belly dancing concert thing some of my friends were going to…. but since the friend’s party is one where people just arrive whenever, we decided to go to both – particularly since I’d be going as a belly dancer anyway 
I’ve put on a bit of weight since last dancing, so I wasn’t sure what I could wear that I’d feel comfortable in (flabby belly and too big for my outfits) So I figured I’d have to piece together something…

I have a nice bra top that has long beading that I love (swooshes when I dance, which I love), though it’s about 2 cup sizes too small really, so I figured I’d have to wear a normal bra underneath it or I’d look obscene (and for support around the sides). The matching belt used to fit around my hips, now only goes around the waist,  which you don’t do in belly dance (they should go on the hips to accentuate the movements), so I had to give that a miss, but I decided my coin belt would do instead, and it’s adjustable, so still fit – YAY ….well, it only still fit because I had to make it longer originally by buying another one and using a piece of it to make it longer, and I still had 2 left over sections, so I used one to make it longer again, and one to safety-pin to my proper bra, to hide the fact it was there and to tie in with the coin belt.

Then I remembered buying a beautifully ugly dress from the op shop for $5… because the fabric was perfect for a belly dance outfit, and even though it was tiny, I thought I could cut it up to make a skirt at least, or something. So I got it out and had a look at it. It had a zip from about belly button to neck…. so I figured if I took the sleeves out, left it unzipped, and unpicked the side seams to where the zip was, I could probably wear it…. and it would look like a ghawazee coat (google that if you don’t know what it is).

So an hour before we were supposed to be there, I unpicked the side seams (one side already had a split but I made it longer), took out the sleeves, and sewed the zip down to hide the fact it was open….. the neck was too tight to do up without being choked (and showing off the double chin), so I used a baby pin and covered that with a necklace. Unfortunately the hooks in the neck kept catching my earrings all night, so I am going to have to take those out. I have some sleeves (just tubes really) that I made to go along with the bra top, which cover my flabby arms, so I added those. So I liked that because it disguised the flabbiness….

Underneath I had on some dusty purple harem pants (they are wide loose pants, gathered at the ankle with a cuff), and a white skirt that was originally a top/dress/coat thing I’d bought from the op shop, which had a skirt part that was short at the front (like about 30cm long), going to floor length at the back…. so I cut the top part off and sewed the front together to make a skirt. And I pulled the sides of the skirt up and tucked them into the waistband, to give a bit of poof (if you make the hips seem wider, then your waist looks smaller – a bellydancer tip!)

Topped that off with my funky shoes.. some bracelets, a beaded thingie that goes around the base of my pony tail… and a metal anklet bobby-pinned to my hair.

I joked to hubby that I’d probably weigh several kilos more with all this on (the bra and belt weigh a ton)…. so I did weigh myself before and after….. 2.5 kilos worth of costume!

I was pretty pleased with the effect though


I really want to get back into belly dancing again.  Its been far too long 😦  After I left my old teacher (moved interstate) I tried 2 classes, but neither were very good.  The first one I was better than my teacher and had to teach her to use zills (plus she had odd ideas about mixing jazz with belly dance, and wanted to do a performance with us dancing to “barbie girl” wearing blond wigs and pink bikinis- which was the final straw).  The next one was ok, but with only 3 of us in the class, I missed the group dynamic.

Then there became issues with my knees…. I’ve had crappy knee problems for many many years….  and it gets so bad that I can dance for only about half an hour before my knees are too sore to continue.

But the other day, no sore knees!  so I think I’d like to give it a shot again.  Problem now is not sure we can afford it 😦

Hubby wanted to quit the “1 day a week” work for his boss because she was demanding a lot more of his time than she was supposed to (it ended up being a couple of hours a day, most days of the week), and he wasn’t getting his PHD done… and she decided to make a complaint about his work and ended up firing him (funny how he’d been working there for her fine for like 5 years and then a week after he tells her he wants to stop doing the work for her as he has no time….. she fires him.  But anyway, he fired her back (she was his PHD advisor thingie too)… but that means he’s lost not only the pay from that 1 day work, but also the extra funding she had arranged, which meant he’d had a good wage…. so now we don’t have that 😦

I need to sell more pads!!!!

I miss the dance.  One day I’ll be able to get back into it.  Until then I’ll just have to put on some music and dance about the house 🙂


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