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Interesting articles on Vaccinating




Now this article is on the opposite side… http://www.opposingviews.com/articles/opinion-jim-carrey-s-autism-claims-are-wrong, however….. it does say this:

And what they conceded was that Hannah Poling was damaged by vaccines resulting in ‘autism like features’. In fact, when we look at the the one piece of medical science carried out on Hannah Poling (co-authored by her own father), we see that only three of the symptoms described as being the result of vaccine injury appear on the DSM (IV) diagnostic criteria for autism.

Now…. while it may be a heated argument about whether vaccines cause autism or not… (and personally I’m in the “I have no idea, but it doesn’t sound good, so my child hasn’t had the MMR just in case” category)  this case proved that the vaccines caused “autism like features” and that 3 of the symptoms caused by the vaccine were considered to be autistic symptoms….. Surely that’s a “pot-aaaa-toe”/”pot-arrr-toe} type thing….? Call it “autism” or not, if it’s caused “damage” and “Autism like features”  then surely it’s kinda proving the point that it’s not safe and DOES indeed cause damage, yes?

I remember reading somewhere (when I was looking for cat food recipes) that cancers are getting so common in injection sites of cats, that some vets are only giving the vaccinations in the tails (instead of the leg where it is normally done), so that if they need to be amputated, it’s not as debilitating for the cat.  Excuse me while I say “WTF”?   Ohh but yes of course it’s one of the risks we take with vaccinating and the occasional fatality or horrible complication is a small price to pay for the majority of people/animals being better off.   Someone however needs to be that unfortunate person for whom things go terribly pear shaped.   Interestingly I’d also read that some vets believe that boosters don’t work and instead just mess with the immune system (my own wording there of course)… veeeeery interesting (wish I could find the link)

Its kinda sad that we’re left with a situation where you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.  If you choose to vaccinate you can risk death, “autism like features” and other things …. or you can not vaccinate and not only risk the wrath of vaccination advocates, but also risk complications or death as a result.

I love (well, no I don’t), the way people fling around the numbers of how much mercury etc. is in vaccines – the anti-vax people saying it’s way too high, the pro-vax people saying it’s fine and equal to (or less than) that found in nature.  Ok, all well and good to say there is mercury in tuna, so there is as much a threat of problems from eating a lot of tinned fish… but most of the time they seem to forget that while “a” vaccine may have whatever mls of whatever….. most people don’t give a single injection in a sitting…. so if there are 4 different jabs going in, that’s 4 times the amount of these nasties…. and what if the kid had a tuna sandwich for lunch too… eh ?  🙂  plus, is there a difference between the levels of something like mercury found in a tin of tuna, and that which comes from a vaccine?  Does the body break it down more effectively when it’s from food because of other stuff with it?  I don’t know.  H2O is perfectly harmless, unless it’s applied in the wrong way….

And vaccines aren’t 100% affective anyway…… Most vaccines are more than 80 percent effective in preventing disease” – gee… that’s reassuring…..so “most” vaccines won’t work up to 20% of the time … and what about the others not in the “most” category…. they work LESS than 80% of the time.  So if you decide to vaccinate you could end up with complications and still get the disease it was supposed to prevent…. marvellous.


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