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latest craft projects

I don’t often get time to sew for me…. most of my sewing time is spent sewing for my online store.  Ask MiniObsi, she’s still waiting for a pair of my elf boots…. that she asked me for 3 years ago now….

Anyway…. a couple of us were at our normal spotlight lust trip and saw some cool bobbly yarn, and decided to all knit a scarf in it.  Now….  We decided to start knitting it while watching some Patrick Swaze movies, and as soon as we cast on, we realised what a pain the yarn was to knit with – it’s essentially a fine cord with pompoms attached to it.  So the pompoms tangle together and the yarn won’t slip freely like it should.  Anyway… after much complaining, I realised that once you started knitting, you got into the flow and it wasn’t all that bad (still the worst yarn I’ve knit with – much worse than that eyelash stuff)… but the other 2 preferred to stop, complain a bit, then procrastinate a while, then pick it up again….  so by the end of the night, I’d half finished the scarf, they were only a few inches in – and I’m a MUCH slower knitter than them.  I’ve never knit a scarf in 2 days, so I was quite pleased with myself!


And someone took a photo of me knitting another scarf


Then, I decided to make some pin cushions… NC is having a pincushion sew-along…  The test one I did didn’t turn out too good, so not showing that.. but then I made this one (which is going to Mum for Mother’s day)

obsisquarepincushion1it’s from this pattern:


I decided that it’s harder, but gives a nicer result if you don’t sew up the side/gusset bit first and leave that as the opening to turn it.  Because then you have less to hand sew closed, and the seam is hidden by the ribbon.

If you don’t need pin cushions, I think these would make nice scented drawer thingoes (OMG, I’m becoming an old person – with all this talk of scented drawer sachets…. next thing I’ll be covering coathangers and making toilet roll dolls)

Its actually made the same way as some felt play food bread I’ve been meaning to make (I have all the felt…. intended to make felt food for MiniObsi for Xmas… but… it’s now May….. )

The other one I tested out in some scraps just in case I didn’t like it or it didn’t work… and I didn’t like it 🙂  Its GIGANTIC and the fabrics are ugly… but I’m going to try and tweek the pattern to make a smaller version and see how that goes.


Ahem…. yes.. well (remember I did it in any old fabric as a test!)



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