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I’ve become a fan……  First off it started because I got sick of being covered in threads and fluff from sewing, so I got an apron for that….. then, after splashing spag sauce down my front when stirring my saucepan a little too vigorously, I decided that I’d pop on my (Mr Men!) apron….. and then next time I baked and got flour down my front, I pulled out the apron again….

Converted to the ways of the apron, I bought a nifty black and white funky floral number (The Royal Children’s hospital Auxilary ones)….  and I use that a lot.  But they aren’t made for the more busty woman, and I need something wider up top… so I’m going to make one…

I could cry – I saw this fabric (and a red version) http://apronista.blogspot.com/2008/02/apron-fabric.html at spotlight last year and loved it (I even bought a pad someone made from it), but didn’t buy it.  Now I want an apron in it!!!!!  *sob*

So this post is mostly for me to collect links to ones I like, so I can steal ideas 🙂

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/22914189@N06/3180715366/ -Ohh a corset apron?!?  Though I suppose the lacing would need to be at the back or it would get messy, and that  would make it hard to put on.  Might need a zip….  methinks that design wasn’t intended for cooking 😉
  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/movinghands/479604893/ –  ok this is for a child…. but… if you could make an adult size (and longer) then it’s going to be a nifty design that needs no tying up!  (of interest to me, since I often remember to put the apron on when I’m up to my elbows in flour, and I have bum-length hair which always gets caught in the ties)

Some ideas thus far…

For the sort of pleated bust look… I’ve seen someone do it like a pillowcase dress, so you’d get a rectangle of fabric like 1.5-2 times your desired fihished bust width, make a casing at the top… thread ribbon (or elastic) through to gather it…. which would allow the top to be more gathered than the bottom where it joins the “skirt” bit….


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