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Mum’s Mother’s Day Present

Which was a bit late, since she was in Tassie for M’day, and I was slack 🙂


  • 3 knitted dishcloths (in a slightly scratchy metallic yarn, as it makes sort of mild scourer that she likes)
  • Pincushion (not that she needs one, but mums like it when you make stuff right? :))
  • Teapot spoon (just because it’s cute) from T2
  • Some teabags of different T2 blends of Earl grey tea (I bought the empty, reusable teabags and made little tags for them so she knew which was which).  There are 2 bags each of Sencha Earl Grey (a green tea), Earl Grey Royale, Girly Grey, Red Earl Grey and Daintree (which isnt an earl grey but is similar).  Because I didn’t know which tea she would like best, so I thought I’d let her try 🙂

And whatever tea blend she liked best I’ll go buy a box of that.


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