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Latest bento

Tbento0903The bottom compartment has star shaped ham & cheese pizzas, carrot slices, cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, a pink rice bunny head and beetroot.

The top compartments have apple slices and pikelets.

I made more of the moulded rice, but Miniobsi didn’t like them.  So I ate them.


and a closeup of the mini pizzas


This shows how the lunchbox goes together

Tbento0903bThe large lunchbox has a little ridge on the sides so that the freezer block rests about halfway up.  I normally lay a piece of (pink) PUL fabric ontop of the bottom layer, so that everything stays put and doesn’t fall out the holes in the freezer block 🙂  (since it does get thrown into a schoolbag and who knows what else)  Then ontop of the freezer block fit the 2 small containers… and the lid goes on top.


It fits inside an insulated lunchbag. Which was what we used last year for her lunches (I put a freezer block in with her smaller lunchbox last year before we got this one.)

I love this lunchbox.  Its a “fit & fresh” http://www.fit-fresh.com/products/transportation/lunchonthego.php), which is BPA-free !  Not sure about phthalates though….


And this one from the other day

Tbento0902Carrot stars, grape tomatoes, cucumber flowers, cheese hearts and beetroot cubes.  With some strawberry yoghurt muffins and a mandarine.


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