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If there is a bra or shoe shortage, come see me :)

Attempt number… 3 I think… at doing Flylady cleaning routines… I keep failing.

Anyway, I decided that having 6inch deep clothing all over the floor had to stop, so I needed to clean up the bedroom.  as I was doing so, I realised I have one or two bras…. so many they don’t all fit in my bedside table drawer (I have 3 drawers, one for undies, one for socks and one for bras – I have that many of each, they need separate drawers).  I decided to count the bras.  30.  And I think there are a couple in the wash, so it could be about 32…..  Shocking!

And shoes…. trying to tidy up my shoes…. I own lots of shoes… seems to be 45 pairs 🙂  and given that I mostly live in my imitation crocs or thongs, with maybe 3 other pairs of shoes I wear often… most rarely get worn, but I can’t bring myself to throw them out. I finally organised them, with the help of a shoe rack, one of those hanging wardrobe ones and some in the bottom of the wardrobe (I found a plastic zip up bag thing from the electric blanket, which makes a nifty shoe bag).

I have:

  • 2 pairs of faux hiking boots (yes, popular in the 1990’s era, I might want to wear them again…. maybe)
  • 4 pairs of purple & black high tops (think Converse….but not.  They are black with purple flower embroidery and purple soles – very cool –  4 pairs because they were marked at $29.95 but scanned for about $7.95, so I bought the 4 pairs in my size they had)
  • 1 pair pink converse high tops
  • 1 pair of ratty old sneakers
  • 1 pair of army boots (cheaper than docs, from army surplus store)
  • 3 pairs of old fashioned looking lace up black boots (slight heel, like you’d see in victorian type times)
  • 1 pair of more modern black laceup high heeled boot
  • 1 pair of hard to explain shoes – like the victorian boot ones, but as a shoe.
  • 1 pair black leather high heels (VERY uncomfortable)
  • 1 pair pearl leather high heels (very scuffed thanks to falling over in the street because the soles are made of banana skins)
  • 1 pair of brocade type cream highheels (yes, probably wedding shoes but I like them)
  • 1 pair of cool 70s type inspired leather highheels (these)
  • 1 pair blue beaded slipons (see pic in above link)
  • 3 pairs of purple satin “slipper” shoes, almost like what irish dancers wear (lace up over the foot) – seen here
  • 3 pairs purple immitation “Crocs” (one pair has 2 rainbow brite, a seahorse and a zebra charm in the holes :))
  • 1 pair off-white immitation crocs (With pirate charms)
  • 1 pair of pink immitation crocs (my summer “gumboot” going outside shoes, pink because that was the only pair in my size, and these started the love of these shoes, they are so comfy!)
  • 1 pair black Mary Jane canvas flats
  • 1 pair black leather mary jane high heels
  • 1 pair brown leather mary jane flats
  • 2 pairs ‘toe thongs’ (with fancy charms across the front)
  • 1 pair thongs with fancy beading
  • 1 pair of crap thongs bought for wearing in the shower on holidays – but they are purple and flowery, but they hurt my toes
  • 1 pair Betty Boop slippers
  • 1 pair purple moccasins (dagggy, but comfy and warm)
  • 1 pair blackstrappy sandals
  • 1 pair hippy leather sandals that lace up to the knee
  • 1 pair of leather shoes with a curled  up toe (terribly uncomfortable, but sooooo quirky)- seen here
  • 4 pairs of purple, and one pair of blue sequinned Indian shoes – seen here
  • 1 pair of slightly heeled blackback-less flats

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