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My Sewing Room

I got into a cleaning mood….. and decided that since I could barely get into my sewing room to actually sew… it was time for a bit of a cleanup.


my problem (apart from being a slob), is I have FAR too much fabric.  Now… I didn’t believe that was possible, and I guess I should say I have “far too much fabric, for the space it needs to fit into”.  When you have to squeeze your fabric in by putting it in ziplock bags and sucking the air out (spacebag style), and have over hundreds of metres of it…. it’s probably too much for a small room!

Here are the befores…

obsisewingroombefore1Right side of the room.  Fabric stopped fitting in the shelves, so I neatly stacked it on the floor infront… then not so neatly stacked more on, then pulled out the underneath fabric… and… you get the picture.

obsisewingroombefore2Left side of the room… note the less than 1 foot wide walkway to get to my work table 🙂  The mess on the right side is overflow from the mess from the first picture… the mess on the left side is stuff I was working on, just completed, my pattern folder and other stuff.

obsisewingroombefore3And this is the left corner… all my fabric that is on rolls, plus shelves of pre-cut pads in boxes.


The after shots…

which probably still look messy, but hey, it’s an improvement.

obsisewingroomafter1bLook…. floor!

obsisewingroomafterfabricMy fabric is mostly now all in the shelves…. some boxes on the floor infront, but that’s ok… it’s all neater now.  And with the exception of 2 shelves, that is all jammed in as much as possible 🙂

obsisewingroomafterstockThis is how I keep my stock.  The pink boxes are lids from boxes of paper, that hubby collected from his work for me.  I have them stacked in document trays, to make a drawers effect 🙂

obsisewingroomafter2bMy sewing table.  And my craptastic sign from the first market I did, about 9 years ago 🙂  I did used to hang all my patterns, but now I have too many, so those are just ones I don’t really use any more.  I now keep them in an expanding file.   I need to reorganise it so my most frequently used patterns ae hanging up, to make it quicker to grab them.


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