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How to Tidy up your Eco-bags


If you are like me… you’ve got those eco-friendly (“green”) supermarket bags stuffed in a cupboard and/or the boot of the car, and they are messy and take up a lot of space… Or perhaps you’ve folded all the bags into one bag (they never seem to stay neatly folded… URGH!), and it’s neater but still taking up a lot of space. Or you’ve resorted to using elastic bands to hold the folded/rolled up bags together.

Or maybe I’m the only one with bag issues….. but anyway….I’ve come up with a nice neat and compact way of folding these bags, so they take up a fraction of the room… without the need of elastic bands or anything – they stay rolled! Easy to stick one in your handbag, or just neaten up your collection of bags. So I thought I’d share 🙂

(this will only work with bags that don’t have that hard plastic insert in the bottom)


First… take your bag, and if it’s got a gusset, line up the bottom corners, folding it so the side seams are together.


Do the same for the other side. It’s not going to matter if this isn’t exact…but it will look neater, and fold up smaller, if all the gusset is hidden away. (you can lean the bag against your chest to free a hand for bag manipulation, or do it on a table/bench).


Then try and poke the bottom gusset in, while holding the side seams in place.


Now fold the bag in half


Now… roll, tightly as you can


Keep rolling up to the handles. If the bag is a longer strap one like this, wrap the handles around the rolled up bag a bit.


Now twist the handle (doesn’t matter which direction)


Keep enough untwisted that you can fit your hand in… Now comes the clever bit… Take that untwisted loop you’re left with, and poke that over the rolled up bag. This keeps the bag rolled!


And you’re left with a neatly rolled bag, that shouldn’t come unrolled, and takes up only a small amount of space.



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