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Fabric Bucket – Pul Inner

Ok, I know my “snot rag” (used handkerchief) laundry bucket is very classy 😉 but I thought I’d share a tip if anyone is planning to make a PUL lined bucket (with or without witty embellishments :D)


You can make it like the jeans leg bucket tutorial, but the jeans leg becomes the outer, and the PUL is the inner layer… if you want the PUL layer to come out and become the edge as I have done, and you want the shiny side of the PUL to show so it’s easier to clean, you’ll have trouble sewing on the PUL unless you have a teflon foot (the PUL bunches when you try to sew the shiny side).

But my secret tip (which also works well when sewing a stretch fabric that is prone to bunching too), is to put baking paper between the fabric and the foot… the foot will then glide nicely and you won’t get any sticking….(and you can easily see what you’re doing through the baking paper)


When you’re finished, the baking paper can just pull away on the convenient perforated line!



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