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“Snot Rag” Bucket

I’ve just made the switch to hankies……… more eco-friendly and less wasteful than using tissues….. but I’m still icked out about snot (sorry mum, “mucous” :)) mixed through the washing *shudder*   so I want to wash them with towels or something, not with clothes or teatowels…..I was going to go buy a container to hold the used hankies until wash day, but then I thought I’d make a fabric one to save buying something.

I decided to use a jeans leg as the outer, and PUL (waterproof fabric) as the inner so it’s wipe clean – although the bucket is washable  (there is an additional layer of a really stiff fabric inside as an interfacing type thing)  I did have to cut the jeans leg along the side seam so I could open it out to do the applique (which because it’s holding used hankies, I thought an appropriate applique, in appropriate colour was in order, then I decided I’d  use the lime PUL to match).

obsisnotragbucketCharming isn’t it 🙂

I also made a bunch of multipurpose wipes in different print flannelettes, which we’ll use as hankies and cloth wipes, facewashers etc…..  I’ve been finding the small hankies I made for MiniObsi to be a much better size for me than the standard size I’d made, so now all the ones I’m making are small (about 4-5 inches square).  And a drawstring bag to put them in 🙂




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