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Cupcakes for mum

….if you look up “worse daughter ever” … my picture would appear…

I forgot mum’s birthday 😦

In my defence, I forget just about everything, and know when her birthday is (as in the date – I even know the year), it’s just that since I have no idea when today is… I have no reference point to know when things are (unless someone tells me – which is hubby’s job)… so I knew it was coming up, and had started thinking of gift ideas, but then the day came and went and ……..I’m a bad daughter……

Anyway…. so… what do you give the mum who has everything…. when you’re also apologising for being forgetful……Truth be told, I had been thinking of a big bucketful of homemade laundry detergent, but hubby tells me this is a crap present…. I thought it was practical, thoughtful and useful…. I guess I’ve become like my friend Sam who one year was thinking about giving me a pile of compost for my garden… a very thoughtful, very useful but perhaps a rather unorthodox gift 🙂 (she did instead bring cake, but that was more to do with the fact it’s hard to lug a pile of compost around on public transport)

So…I do still intend to make the detergent 😛 because I am a practical and unorthodox person… however it was decided something nicer was needed…I pondered long and hard.. and decided on……..cupcakes!


So this is what I made.

The cakes are all the Lesley’s cupcake mix (without lemon), using margarine because mum can’t have butter (I even made a special trip to the supermarket to get that – aren’t I thoughtful! :))…. using vanilla bean paste (so real vanilla, not just flavouring), with frosting made from margarine and icing sugar (again, no butter). For the pink ones I added a little food colouring and strawberry flavour, to give a hint of strawberry.

The back ones have icing flowers with purple sprinkles…. The middle row have the strawberry frosting and I tried out a new piping tip, which is weird…. I thought it would give nice complex swirls, but it just makes a tangles mess… so after testing it on a test cupcake and a piece of baking paper, I decided to just go with the squiggly tangled mess motif.. not too bad for my first go with it I think… Some have pink sprinkles. And the front row has grated cadbury chocolate 🙂 (is it just me, or does the chocolate taste different now in the cardboard packs? it’s harder, less creamy…and somehow different…)


I went to 3 different cupcake supplying places looking for inspiration…. The first I picked up the icing flowers and sun… the purple metallic cupcake papers.. and a bottle of purple crystal sprinkles… The second shop was not useful (it’s downsized it’s cake making section). The third shop was cool, I got the leaves there.

I was looking for something to transport them in (not really wanting to part with my beloved cupcake courier)…. and didn’t find anything… so then I decided to buy a gift box ($8)… and then I saw some aluminium foil muffin trays (2 for $2), so I thought I could create my own cupcake carrier with those in the box (they just needed a slight trim and covering in fabric/tissue paper).. thinking I was very clever. Which looks like this:


and then at the last cupcake shop I discovered the proper carry boxes for $2.50! bargain. so kicking myself for the box/tray idea, but nevermind. So now I know where to get boxes (they had different sized ones too), I might make cupcakes as gifts more often!

I think she liked them 🙂


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