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Felt cookies

I’ve made these for MiniObsi’s friend for her birthday.  I hope she likes them!


  • “Berry Iced” – Pink felt topped cookies with bead “sprinkles” (4 of these)
  • “Lemon iced” – Yellow felt topped cookies with “sprinkles” (4 of these)
  • “Choc Chip” – I didn’t like how these turned out, the chips are too big (6 of these)
  • “Vanilla Creams” – cookies with a “chocolate” cream centre (6 of these)
  • “Bake your Own” – these are inspired by MinObsi (story below)… where the cookies are white one side, beige the other, and they come with cut out circles of pink and yellow felt.  The idea is that the white side is the “uncooked” side, and they can be put on a baking tray and pretend cooked, and then flipped to the beige side when “cooked”, and then “iced” with the felt.  (12 of these)
  • “Chocolate Creams” – “chocolate” cookies with a “custard cream” centre. (6 of these)

MiniObsi was telling me that the cookies I made for her (which she calls cupcakes) she pretends to cook, by putting them on her baking tray upside down to bake them, then flips them when they are ready.  Which I thought was quite clever, and then she asked if she could have some plain biscuits and some felt circles to “ice” them with herself.  So that’s why I made the bag of “bake your own” cookies

They are in mesh drawstring bags….  and I made laminated tags for them…which I planed to attach to the outside of the bag (I left a space for the hole to go)  but I can’t find my hole punch 😦



(don’t know if you can read it, but it’s ingredients are: “Imagination (100%), Felt (99.9%), Polyester thread”… and the nutritional information is “Fat = 0%, Sodium 0%, Calories 0%, Felt 100%” ……. And they do not contain traces of wheat, nuts or soy  🙂


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