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Cherries, cherries and more cherries

If I say I have a friend who is

cherry mad

… this is an understatement. She is with cherries, as I am with purple!

So, for her birthday I made her a cherry apron (pic to come) and cherry cheesecakes:


Individual cherry cheesecakes.

Don’t look at the messy one at the front… I was in a bit of a hurry and somehow didn’t notice it looked messy, and stupidly didn’t notice before taking the pic or ‘d have hidden it at the back 😉  (yes, I know that in telling you not to look I’ve pointed it out and made you look – it was a feeble attempt at finding a reason to mak an excuse in case you had noticed it.)

Made by taking a pack of frozen cherries and letting them defrost.  Making a plain cheesecake using butternut snaps mixed with butter as the biscuit base in some metallic red muffin/cupcake cases (I used the pokey-stick from a mortar and pestle (is it the pestle? or the mortar?) to push it all down)…, then I mixed a few pureed cherries in with the cheesecake mixture and spooned that on top, then put that in the fridge to set a bit, while I drained a tin of cherries and used that juice (with a few drops of black and red food colouring to give it a darker and stronger colour to make jelly (with gelatine of course)… and poured that on top.  I had let the cheesecake sit a while before making the jelly, so it actually started to set straight away because the cheesecake was cold, so next time I’ll do the jelly straight away, so I don’t have to force the cherries in 🙂  (or maybe put the cherries on and pour jelly over that?)


and for the record….. frozen cherries have a better taste and texture to tinned ones.  I imagine most people would find that an obvious conclusion, but I wasn’t sure so I tried both…. the tinned was good for the syrup used to make the jelly (and I ran out of frozen ones so had to use the tinned too), but the actual cherries were mushier and didn’t look or taste quite as nice as the frozen (which don’t taste or look as nice as fresh – but fresh was not an option this time of year)

While I’m showing off how much of a cherry enabler I am bwahahahaha  here’s some pics (I’ve stolen because hers turned out better than the ones I took, but I’m sure she won’t mind – if she does no more cherries for her :P) of the things I made for her Xmas present (which was very late, but that wasn’t my fault)

Cherry pin cushion with fancy pins

cherry_cupI asked google for cherry pins, but alas, Mr Google was no help at all…

but I figured red was good enough

(ohh and a little birdy tells me that more like this will be available on a certain purple website soonish *wink wink nudge nudge* 😀 )

And a recipe folder…. which was a combined gift (the idea was mine, the recipe collection and printing was mine, sewing the actual cover was me…..and the cool cherry patchwork was done by someone else.)

cherry_pressies(the square pincushion was not done by me either)


(and that same little birdy also tells me that more like this will be available on a certain purple website soonish too 😀 😀  )

While I’m stealing pictures of things I’ve co-made, there is also this – not cherry related, but it was for her hubby, and on her blog it’s the next post down, so hey – it fits 🙂


A pouch for a DS


A piratey one!

(this time the idea was someone elses, using my wetbag pattern (plus game pockets) with inspiration from here, and I just sewed it together.)

And a note, if you plan to make a cover for a DS or ipod or something of that nature, don’t be stooooopid like me and put a snap on it….  coz then you have to press hard on the expensive electronic equipment to do the snap up….  so learn by my mistake, and use velcro or something.  This has been a Public Service Announcement for the “don’t use snaps on a DS pouch” association.


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