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Back in garb

We’ve been absent from the SCA for a long time.  We haven’t been at all for about 3 years, and then it was one “Monthly bash” we went to, and it was a couple of years before that the last time we went to anything.

But I mentioned it to a friend recently, and decided I wanted to get back into it, so we dusted off the garb and went along to this month’s “Monthly Bash”.  They had a few archers, so we got to do some archery which was great.  I’m very rusty…. I haven’t picked up a bow in about 5 years (ours were stolen in a house break in, so we stopped going to archery practice).  Even MiniObsi got to have a go…. we hadn’t thought to bring her bow – she has a crappy plastic toy one with 3 suction cup arrows, but it would have been fine (the kids bows they have are plastic anyway)

So I made a slow cooker soup for us, letting it cook overnight (potato, pumpkin, lentils, half a leek and 2 bacon bones), and then this morning I made some cheese, ham and herb bread (I tried to make a “pull-apart” but it was more like buns, they didn’t stick together much, but were very nice).

We had a bit of an Archery Tournamant.  Much to my surprise I won the first round (you had to shoot off 5 arrows as quick as possible and you got a point for each that hit the target – I got 3 points), but was beaten for the second round.  It was all a lot of fun though!  but I’m getting a blister on my finger – I seem to have lost my glove… and I’ve got special arm bands to guard my arm from the slap you can get from the string (yes you need only one, but I can’t have uneven looking arms!), and of course I got slapped twice about 2cm above where my armband covers LOL

So pics….  


I made MiniObsi a dress from the same linen as a dress I had (though mine has faded a lot)… and a sideless surcote from some left overfabric that I made a sideless surcote for my sister to wear to our medieval themed wedding 🙂  (MiniObsi’s is a sideless surcote because I didn’t have enough fabric to make sleeves LOL)  She demanded I wear my matching dress and the purple tabard I have, so we could match 🙂

Tsca8crop_2-8-09 Tsca10crop_2-8-09

MiniObsi gets some archery practice


(BTW I feel it important to note I’m squatting, so that’s my knee, not a pregnant belly :))


(see, kneeling beside MiniObsi….  😀 )  Note the paparazzi!




Now it’s my turn….  shooting into a headwind I might add.  It was so windy I kept expecting to see Dorothy and Toto fly past….



You can actually see my arrow in this shot – cool hey!  We were shooting at a target – it’s just not in the photo… and no, I don’t know if I hit the target with that shot, but I’d like to think I did LOL


The less fun bit of archery…. all those arrows you shoot…. you have to go collect 😦   Which means wandering out there, picking up all the arrows you can, then standing around sorting them – “This one has 2 blue fletches and one red – that’s yours….” Having a distinctive arrow is definitely an advantage when you have a pile of assorted arrows and you need to work out whose is whose.   When the kiddies were having their go after we had shot some off, it was great, they ran out and collected all the arrows!  that’s what we need…. child slaves.  Like the ball-girls in tennis… we need arrow-kids!

And then, as our arms began to get tired, a game of Blind man’s Bluff was started – since not enough fighters turned up to use the Eric for anything else 🙂



<brag> I was pretty stoked to see they are still using the flags I made (to mark out the tournament field). I made about 20 metres worth of it… I can’t actually remember why now….. obviously because I rock LOL  but I think I just decided to do it as a present to Stormhold…..they were using some weird rope thing before.    It is alternating plain white and blue painted triangles… the blue ones have alternating golden Drakkars (viking ships) and 3 raindrops…. which are the symbols for the Barony of Stormhold (our SCA group)… The painted designs needed 2-3 coats each, so it was a VERY time consuming task! but it makes me feel so proud that they are still being used… it must be about 7 years ago I made them… (I’m actually surprised the paint hasn’t washed off and that it’s still in reasonable condition hehe)</brag>


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