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Ruby Cupcakes

It was my inlaws 50th Wedding anniversary last weekend, so I decided to make some cupcakes.  I wanted to try and make Red Velvet cupcakes but using raspberries in there as well to colour it more naturally.  it didn’t work 🙂  I had to add red colouring anyway… nevermind


But they were still pretty yummy… I drained a tin of raspberries and simmered the syrup to try and concentrate it a little more…. then I used a basic plain cupcake recipe, except I used half the amount of butter and added the mashed raspberries, and used the raspberry syrup with some milk powder instead of the milk….and I added some cocoa and red food colouring.

The icing was made with a bit of the reduced raspberry syrup too, and a little cocoa… and a fair amount of red colouring LOL.  I thought it was pretty yummy actually

I started icing them and then realised I didn’t have enough, so I went to just making smaller blobs…  but that was ok, I’d also run out of red muffin papers, so the red ones were larger and got fully piped icing, the smaller silver ones just got a hat 🙂


I even bought some (horrendously expensive and disappointly non-tasty) sprinkle stuff to go on top.


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