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LEGO + Starwars = very cool!

I never had LEGO as a kid  *sniff*  … I know…. terrible!!!  I desperately wanted a LEGO horse.. and some cool LEGO wheels to make a car… and those LEGO doors and balcony railings… and cute flowers… and weird trees……..  I LOVE LEGO!

but I had to be content with playing with other people’s LEGO 😦  When I was like 24 or something,  decided that I was not too old for LEGO, and I bought myself a LEGO horse (it was part of a set of a few things, I think I threw the rest away LOL), and a witch.  Just because I could.  When I found out  hubby (then not hubby) had a set of castle LEGO…. I made him get it out so I could play with it 🙂

A few years later…. they bring out LEGO Starwars PC game!  *squee*  Combining starwars (which I love) with computer games (which I love) and LEGO (which I love)!!  How could you not love that!!  Then I got the second lego starwars game – and since I loved them so much, I had to get the wii version because that had a few extra levels 🙂

I’ve got 10 Starwars related pc/wii games….so I’m also just a bit of a starwars fan too 🙂

Speaking of…. Imagine my surprise when I’m walking up to the registers at target and I see a stand of pretendy lightsabers… and there is 1  ONLY 1 purple one!  (and only $25 too)… so of course I had to buy that!


Anyway…. the reason for all this….last week we went to the Starwars exhibition thing at scienceworks… where they had some of the movie props and costumes on display…. and in their giftshop they had some LEGO sets.  I think I was vaguely aware that they had made LEGO starwars pieces (it seems obvious given the game and the chance to make a few million bucks)… but when I saw a LEGO R2D2   OMG!  CUTE!!!!

So, I had a peek on ebay….  there are heaps of LEGO pieces !!!  So I decided I needed them…. preferably all of them, but in particular some of the cooler ones.  So I bought a few…..


I’m going to renovate the display rack, but I have…. 6 Stormtroopers and a Clone trooper (the clone is the one on the top right, his helmet is slightly different) – 2 of them have guns… Darth Vader of course (he even has a scarred grey head!)  Mace Windu of course.  Not that I’m a fan of the actual character, but he’s the only one with a purple lightsaber and thus is the coolest 😀  Bobba fett … I’ve always liked him, not sure why, though having a rocket pack is of course extremely cool.

In the LEGO games I prefer Jango – for obvious reasons (he’s purple)…. I don’t think I’ll ever get a Jango for my collection – a quick look on ebay brings heart-attack rending results ($60-$115 for a LEGO man – I don’t think so).  R2 of course…. and a Slave Leia.  I actually have 3 of these, one with the chain, 2 without.  I bought one, then saw an auction for quite cheap so I figured I’d get that for MiniObsi, since I imagined I’d get hassled for my LEGO and I don’t like to share…. and then I don’t know why I got another…. an accident…  and Chewy!  (he’s so cute)

Plus I saw a pack of extra lightsabers, so  had to get those because there is a purple one in it 🙂

My collection has grown some more… so now I have a page dedicated to it – read more on this obsession here: https://obsigarden.wordpress.com/lego-starwars


2 thoughts on “LEGO + Starwars = very cool!

  1. Oooh, too cool! I love lego too, always convincing myself the kids need more, so I can play with it too. I was lucky enough to have lego as a child but the love of it never wears off. And the star wars characters are fantastic, I want Bobba 🙂

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