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Newspaper Shopping Bag


How to make a shopping bag with a few sheets of newspaper and some staples.

I’m doing a market in a few weeks, where it’s plastic bag free.  So that brings thoughts about what to do if customers need a bag.

Originally the thought was to buy second hand sheets and things and make up some fabric bags, but as time draws closer,  I was worried I wouldn’t have time to sew them up.  So I thought about making newspaper bags.  I went searching for instructions online, but they all were talking about gluing and adding rope straps… and I figured that was just as much time consuming as sewing up fabric bags….

So I thought I’d experiment with a stapelled bag… since that’s quick and easy.  So far it seems the bags can hold about half a kilo of weight, which isn’t too bad for like 3 sheets of newspaper and 10 stapels 😀

(The glued versions are neater I admit, but if you need to make some quickly, this is a good way)

Take your piece of newspaper, and lay it flat (not folded) turn it so the long edge that is open (opposite the fold) is towards you.  It makes the bag neater if you cut out the corners as you can see in the pic.  Fold the bottom edge over twice.


Fold it back in half and you should end up with the folded over parts on the inside.  Like this


Fold the sides over a bit and stapel (this is why you cut the corner bits out, otherwise there are too many layers to fold)… and do the same with the bottom.  It should look like this:


The top edge has the rim bit folded inside, and the side and bottom is folded over and stapelled on the outside.

Then cut strips from more newspaper (about 3 layers of paper in each) – these will be the straps, so as long as you want them.  Fold them like shown – the top edge down and the bottom edge up.  They don’t have to meet, but they can…


Then fold it in half… like this:


Now you need to stapel the handles on.  I think 2 stapels each handle is a good idea.


And you’re done!newspaperbag_finished


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