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Purple Swap

I signed up for a purple swap on Ravelry…. and it was great fun 🙂

I got my swap parcel!  Spoiled indeed!!!!


I got…..

  • Purple notebook
  • Fancy feathery ended (with a purple star on the end!) pen
  • A mobile phone eraser
  • A very cute and I imagine very handy, tape measure in a tin (tape measure in a tin – What’ll they think of next!)
  • a Nail file
  • A pack of purple groovy beads
  • a cute silver charm that is a ball of yarn that says “yarn”
  • Lavender goatsmilk soap.  I’ve never actually tried goatsmilk soap, so that’s extra exciting, and I am a soap snob in that I won’t use chemical based supermarket soaps, so this is PERFECT!
  • A cool retro spot mug (which I’m enjoying a cup of tea in right now)
  • A beautiful dishcloth, except I think it’s far too pretty to waste on the dishes (especially since it’s hubby who does them haha) so I think I’ll use it as a bathroom washcloth instead.
  • Money box – which is hilarious, because it’s got on it “Utterly impractical, teeteringly dangerous, but cannot do without SHOE FUND.” and underneath that it says “Any leftover funds will be put towards my subsequent orthopedic treatment“.  Now I’m actually more a sensible and comfortable crocs, or cons type gal, but I’m also partial to looking at shoes that are well beyond my price range and would be too uncomfortable to wear anywhere but sitting down.. so hey, I might just save up and buy something flash and impractical 🙂  it’s ontop of my desk now, where I can look at it and giggle often.
  • A very cool craft bag with a billion pockets all over it.  MiniObsi actually has the same one in pink, so now we’re twins 🙂
  • A knitting needle case, with cool colourful knitting needles.  You know, I actually don’t own a knitting needle case… I’m using a posting tube… and I have seen purple ones and thought “hmm, I should buy that” but I never have.  So now I don’t have to – YAY!
  • A pair of scissors on a lanyard.  I have a feeling I’ll fatally stab myself and my innardswill spill out if I wear the scissors on the lanyard, but the lanyard is very cool (it’s a zip, so you unzip it to fit your head in), and I’m sure I’ll find 101 uses for that, and the scissors are very pretty and will be very useful.
  • 4 balls of soft squishy purple yarn.  2 are a wool/bamboo blend that is sooooo soft it’s screaming at me to become socks (that I’ll have to beg someone to knit for me because I am incapable of that)…. 1 ball of appropriately named “mousse” (wool/soya) and a bobbly “beauty” (wool/acrylic/soya) which I think may make a lovely striped scarf (since I’m only able to really do scarves)
  • Chocolate – yum!
  • Tea – it’s “afternoon tea”, and it’s very nice this afternoon indeed, it’s in my retro spotty mug 🙂
  • Nerds 🙂  I love nerds (both because I married one, and the lollies).  Of course MiniObsi saw the pink ones and goes “YAY, the pink ones for me”.  So I couldn’t argue with that.  These were individually wrapped and hidden in pockets in the bag 🙂
  • And a beautiful lavender card

So thank you Spoiler!  I am well and truely spoilt!






To my swapper I sent this:


(which I realise now isn’t generous enough, but I’m going to send her some fabric too to make up for it).

It’s a box of corn chip things (Swapper prefers savoury to sweets)… some tea, purple beans and turnips for the garden, a yarn bangle, 2 balls of wool I overdyed purple (they were a magenta type colour), 2 satin drawstring bags with purple beads on the strings, 3 facial scrubbies, 2 wash mits and a knitted scourer.


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