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Fairy Dress

MiniObsi’s friend’s birthday is today, so I had to think of what to make her. A fairy dress!

It’s a panne velvet dress/top (splits in the sides from about waist high, so it needs somthing under it, but I thought it would be cooler in summer this way and be easier to play in), with a rainbow “wing” attached to the top shoulder seams with snaps, and clear elastic on the wrist to keep it there, with arm bands.  I figure it can then be worn with or without the wings and armbands, so it can be a fairy dress, or a princess dress, or whatever.

You can’t see it, but it’s got gold embroidery (fancy machine stitching) on all the edging of the dress and the armbands.

More pics under the “more” – because I went a bit overboard, my little fairy is just too georgous!  (and the only way I was able to get the outfit off her was to promise to make her one *sigh*)


2 thoughts on “Fairy Dress

  1. Oh, that is very cool, any little princess would LOVE it! I wonder how I can adapt the wing part of the idea to a boy theme….? Maybe Batman wings…

  2. For a bat wing, I’d make the wing pointy…. where I’ve got a curve from the full half metre width at the middle back – rounding up to a point at the wrist…. for a bat/boyish look, if you make it more triangle shaped, that should probably work.

    Or if you were mad, you could cut some of the pointy bat wing bits into it 🙂 but in a floaty chiffon type thing you’d have to edge it all, and that would be a pain. If you used that fine/soft nylon netting stuff though, it wouldn’t need edging as it won’t fray….

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