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Rainbow goodies!

I’ve taken part in a “rainbow” swap on Ravelry, and I realised when I’d wrapped half the goodies that I should have photographed them 😦  But I couldn’t be bothered unwrapping everything, so nevermind…  I did take a photo of the wool I dyed for it though…. it was my first attempt at dying wool in more than one colour, and it was disappointing… my purple became brown and I dropped some orange into the green section… and some of the green didn’t get dyed, but I think it works as a sort of earthy rainbow.

but as I was at the post office dropping it off, I also got to pick up my rainbow parcel – Yipee!

First in the bag was a paper bag, which contained a beret!  It’s very cool, and an absolute perfect fit! I’m pretty much easily impressed 🙂  but it’s really cool, the sides of it are sort of flower petals and that makes the top sort of flat…

Then there were separate rainbow paper wrapped parcels containing other goodies…  a pack of coloured pencils and star stickers, 2 balls of a lovely soft cotton yarn that is a really close match for the baret!  (I might have to knit some arm warmers to go with the baret maybe), a pack of fruit tingles (yum) and a very soft rainbow knitted drawstring bag – inside that was a purple flower tape measure, a cool hippy iron on patch (which will be going on my jeans for sure!) a cute snail chocolate, a bag of choc coins (which MiniObsi will no doubt lay claim to once she sees them), a roll of rainbow ribbon, a bag of rainbow beads and a tin of lipbalm (which I have on, and it’s great)

I guess I should have an action shot of the beret… even though I’m not made up and look feral…


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