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No Sew Tutu


To make these you just need a length of elastic (preferably a round/cord kind rather than flat) and some of the fine nylon netting (the softer kind, not that stiff cheaper tulle) and some scissors…. nothing else!

How much fabric you need depends on the size you’re making, how full you want it and how long…  but for these ones I did, I used half a metre of 3 different colours to make one skirt of about a size 5-8 type size….  Because I used 3 colours I didn’t have them as full as I could have made them (but they are plenty full enough!)….I found the colours got hidden too much if I tried to make it any fuller… (and it’s reasonably heavy as it is)… but if you want a fuller skirt I’d suggest doing a single colour, or having just a few contrasting colours mixed in, as a 3 colour pattern gets lost.  Making the tutu shorter will make it more puffed up and tutu like too…

On a 6 year old, if you cut the strips the way I have, then it comes to about the knee, and doesn’t require much cutting… you can cut the strips however long you want though.

So…. measure, cut and knot your elastic waistband… then  take your netting, and fold it so that the selvedges are together, then fold this in half again…. so you get one fold and the 2 selvedges facing you…. if that makes sense… then cut that folded edge, so you now have 4 single layers facing you, and 2 folds up the other end…..then cut your strips… about 4cm wide is good…. keep cutting…and cutting…. and cutting….  You’ll end up with lots of strips, and each cut you made will make 2 strips (because it’s double layered).

I didn’t bother cutting off the selvedge to get rid of that darker bit… but you could… and you could cut them to a point instead of blunt…

To put them on the skirt… take one of your strips, folded in half, and pull it through the elastic, then pull the 2 loose ends through the loop you made, and pull tight.  This should form a knot.


Then just keep on going to fill the elastic…  You can slide the knots around to even out the spacing and adjust if you find it[‘s too full or not full enough.


Experiment with different colour combinations for different looks.


Some more pics in action:


One thought on “No Sew Tutu

  1. hey obsi, it’s lisa from cpseu, i didn’t know you had a blog too. i love this! i’ve been putting off making a tutu for my little one, but this idea is great! i’ll be sure to do it like this! 🙂

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