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Lots of rambling about Chooks!

Luckily the friend I chookswapped with to get the silkies, had a rooster in her flock and ended up with 20 little chicks!  So we got to take 5 of them.  2 blacks, 2 black/white ones and one white one.  They are unknown gender, and one is a lot bigger than the others and more inquisitive.. I think it’s a rooster… we’ll have to see…. I currently have more than the allowed 10 poultry anyway, so we’ll have to rehome some, so if 2 of these end up being roosters, that’s fine.  Ideally I’d like to have a black and a black/white left, because I like to have each chook look different – makes knowing which is which easer.

Then a few days before Xmas (the 20th), I picked up 3 Lavender Araucana chicks….  Purple chooks! (well grey with a slight hint of lavender but bah – that is “purple” in my book)

(I admit, they don’t look purple at all here)

Unfortunately straight away (in the car coming home) I noticed one of them was less active than the others… and I hoped it wasn’t unwell… but it was… it never picked up… it was unsteady on it’s legs, was barely eating or drinking (I ended up trying to feed it slush made from the chook food and water), and 3 days later it died 😦  But the breeder I got them from offered me a replacement, so I went back a few days after Xmas and picked up another beautiful Araucana.  The guy said he picked out the biggest healthiest looking one, and then said with a laugh “hope it’s not been incorrectly sexed and it’s bigger because it’s a rooster”... it better bloody not be!  I’d be furious!!   So we’re hoping it’s a girl….

They are the cutest chicks!!  As they are getting older, they are getting lighter and more lavendery on their wings… This is them at about 5 days old…

This one is my favourite…. it’s just now starting to get tail feathers, but it had a funny featherless bum before, and it’s down was just soooooo soft, more like fur.  It’s taking longer to feather up than the lighter one.

The Lighter one at the front, and the darker (my favourite) at the back



Look how much bigger they are today though!  12 days old


The “Big chicks” – the ones we got first –  were spending time outside in a small plastic cubby (with mesh added to the windows and door so they were safe)….. and coming in at night (by way of a cat carrier) to stay in a large  plastic tub… but they are getting big enough to stay outside now… so we fixed up an old hutch Dad found on hard rubbish and moved them outside.  I’d still brought them in at night for a couple of nights, while they got used to things… but now they will stay out for good…. which means no more chooky cuddles 🙂

And here’s the bigger grown up chookies….  They have been free ranging around together and the bigger chooks haven’t been picking on the silkies at all…. not that the silkies are much smaller… and MiniObsi even braved a pat… and no pecks!  yipee, hopefully our chook-pecking days are over

The 2 silkies (the fluffy ones), and the 2 original hens (Cloud and Foghorn)

“Hen hen” and “Rosetta” the silkies….. such funny chookies…. in a cute way.  It’s like they have a pompom instead of a head 😀

Chillin out in the shade


For those who care 🙂   The whole chicken story from the beginning….

We originally had 5 chooks…  Cleopatra (she was a light brown chook who had black lines coming out from her eyes and looked very Egyptian!), Cloud (White), Smoke (Black), Foghorn (a brown chook with different coloured neck), and Punce (black with brown patterns on the feathers).

Unfortunately Cleopatra died early on, We think she got jumped on when the chooks got scared when we had power tools happening to build the cubby (because she was ok one minute then there was a lot of squalking as they all got freaked out…. the others eventually came out but not her, and we looked in the coop and she was dead but squashed in the nesting area)

The others were going ok, but after a museli bar feeding, they became really aggressive and would peck (violently enough to draw blood) and chase us…  so eventually a friend and I did a swap and I gave her my meanest chook (Smoke), and she gave me 2 silkies that her chooks had been picking on.    I was hoping the silkies would make nice pet chickens, because MiniObsi was upset that she couldn’t pat the others.  As we’d hoped, once “Evil hen” (Smoke) was taken from her coop and placed in a new one, she was knocked down a peg or two, and stopped being evil…. but still not pattable – but the silkies are gorgeous and no fear of pecking there.  Interestingly though, without the evil Queen in my coop, the others stopped pecking us.

Then unfortunately one day I came out to find my beloved Punce behedded, laying under the rose bushes…. not sure what got her, because there was no sign of a struggle and she was sitting all neatly as if sleeping… but her head and neck were completely missing….  We often down’t lock the chooks up at night (they go back to the coop but the doors are left open), and the coop isn’t fox proofed anyway (it doesn’t even have a roof)…. and it’s been a few months and no others have been taken – so I don’t know why a fox would behead a chook and not come back for the others…

So we were down to only 4 chooks, 2 from the original flock and 2 silkies (who have never laid).  Which isn’t enough!  So I was very happy to get the 5 “big chicks”, and my fancy purple ones


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