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Chooks (again)

Look how much the chicks have grown!

They are 3 and a half weeks old now, and they had their first trip outside yesterday…. in an old birdcage 🙂

My nieces came over last week, and they loved the chicks too 😀

The “big chicks” are now somewhere around 8 weeks maybe?  Looking very chook like and not “chick” like any more…..I’ll have to find out when they hatched.  We unfortunately lost one (the bigger one) in the heat the other day 😦  must not have been drinking enough……But the others made it through.  I’m not game to let them free range about yet, I think they are a bit too small still, so excuse the cage bars.   (we have another white one but she was hiding)

The silkies kept hanging about when I was photographing these little guys, so I assumed they wanted to be photographed again too….  posers 😛


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