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I have a pile of dirt!


This isn’t exciting for anyone else I admit, but buggerit…..

I’m pretty damned excited!

Our vegie patch was pretty much 3 inches of not very good soil ontop of almost solid clay….  no wonder nothing really grew…. so I’d given up on it really, until I had a thought to steal some of the dirt from the chicken run….. where it’s not only full of chook poo, but also leaf litter and compost (being under a plum tree and from food scraps, grass clippings and hay thrown to the chooks).  So I collected 4 wheelbarrows worth of that (can I just say how annoying it is to squeeze a wheelbarrow into a chicken coop, especially when the wheelbarrow has a flat tire and only *just* fits through the doorway), plus the small amount of compost we had, and I’ve mixed that through with the dirt from the vegie patch… now that should make good growing soil!

A couple of weekends ago we went through and weeded the old veg patch, and removed the edging and paving stepping stone paths, and I painstakingly scooped out the gravel paths… so we could get back to just a patch of dirt… let the chooks in to help mix everything up a bit…. after one day you couldn’t even see where the paths had been, and they were about 3 inches lower than the beds!  destructive little critters chickens are (which is why you’ll notice my vegie patch is fully fenced!)

We got (through amazing luck, we went to buy it and the check out gal forgot to scan them, so we got them free – YIPEE!!!) some hefty pine boards to make the beds…. which I’ve painted with linseed oil to hopefully waterproof it somewhat (didn’t want to use treated pine, though there are still treated pine boards on the outside edge of the vegie patch).  We’ll set up the beds this weekend hopefully.  I pray I’ll have enough of my dirtpile to fill the beds…. I wonder if I need to go skim off another barrow load from the chookpen….. hard to know how much I’ll need….  I’ll also have a bit of leaf litter and wood shavings been collecting it from the chick’s box) to add to it too.

I can’t believe how annoying that stupid runner grass is (is it buffallo or cooch? something like that)…. it’s vine-roots are growing under 6 inches of soil, through solid as rock clay….. crazy!

I’m trying to decide if I should lay out layers of newspaper (I’ve been collecting it) onto the hard clay dirt first, then put the nice mixed soil ontop….


in other news…. passionfruit flowers are weird alien flowers…

but strangely quite attractive


When your rose “trees” are about 6 inches from touching the eves, it’s probably time for a prune 😀  Although it does mean the flowers are at eye level when standing at the windows….


and I’d dearly love to know what this plant is….

I grabbed some from mum’s place where it’s growing rampant…. it’s a sort of creeping vine thing, with pretty shaped leaves and little white flowers…. it likes growing in little nooks and things, and it sort of looks fairy like 😀  (though not in my pot it doesn’t, but where it grows wild it does)


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