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Bento ideas

I’m still into the idea of bento, but sometimes it’s hard to think of what to put into them, particularly since MiniObsi won’t eat cold rice or boiled eggs and other things you’d traditionally use…

So I’m making myself a list of ideas here of things I know she likes and would eat..

Meat things:

  • Rolled ham/salami (can use a toothpick, piece of spaghetti or ring of pasta to hold it rolled)
  • Cold (but cooked) chicken nuggets
  • Cabana (maybe a skewer with cabana and cheese slices)
  • Cheese and ham sandwiches

Cheese things:

  • Cheese and ham sandwiches
  • Cheese cut into shapes (though she’s going off these)
  • Maybe try the occasional cheese stick made into something?

Carb things:

  • Sandwiches cut out with cookie cutters.
  • Sealed sandwiches – I saw a cute idea where you put the cookie cutter down pointy side up, use a knife to trace around the edge and then press down on the cutter so the flatter edge presses the bread down making it seal – almost like how a toasted sandwich does in those jaffle machines..
  • Sandwich details – another idea I saw was to make a mixture of milo and water enough to make a chocolate paste (you could use nutella or vegemite) and dip the cookie cutter into that, then lightly press it onto the bread to sort of stamp it.  So you could make a square sandwich with a stamped dinosaur on it or something.
  • Pasta salad (pasta, corn, peas, carrot, celery with a mayonnaise dressing)
  • Sushi (tuna and veg filling or just veg filling)
  • Rice balls – MiniObsi won’t eat them, but maybe if I do a filling of tuna and call them sushi balls, she might find the idea more acceptable… I could make a green rice one with green olive “eyes” as a “frog” or perhaps these mini nigri made in icecube trays
  • Sandwich sushi – flatten out bread with a rolling pin and then put a slice of ham, or jam or something and roll it up, cut it in half and have it upright so you see the swirl
  • Sandwich hearts – cut bread in half, add the jam or whatever, then fold the ends over 1/3 in and it makes a sort of heart shape when viewed from the ends.
  • Rice ball hedgehogs – I know MiniObsi won’t eat rice balls, but maybe super cute ones would persuade her to…. or maybe I could make some homemade bread roll versions….

Vegetable / fruit things:

  • Cooked but cold corn cobb
  • peas in their pods
  • cherry tomatoes
  • carrot (can cut into sticks and have a dip)
  • Fruit salad – Strawberry slices done so the strawbs form a heart, cut stars from banana and watermelon, blueberries
  • Toothpick/skewer with peas and corn, or beans threaded on
  • halved cherry tomato with nori or vegemite or olive spots makes a ladybird
  • Skewer/toothpick with lots of the same shape cut vegies or fruits (eg stars) but in different colours – eg carrot, cucumber, capsicum
  • Make samosas or other pastry items and cut the airholes in a face shape (eyes and mouth)

Sweet things:

  • Cake (small cupcakes or a shape cut from a piece of cake)
  • Biscuits – cut into fun shapes or round with a smartie/M&M ontop
  • Mini Cupcake with frosting (would need to be kept upright)
  • Bought coconut/rice cake things
  • Cups of coconut jelly or normal jelly, or well set custard

Decorative things:


  • Use cream cheese or sticks of uncooked spaghetti to stick things onto other things
  • Make a container of pre-made supplies – nori cutouts, veg cut into shapes etc. and put in the fridge/cupboard so you just have to grab them in the morning (rather than cutting it up on the spot).
  • Freeze portions of things to go straight into the lunchbox

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